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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  February 4, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EST

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live from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is "good morning washington" on your side. i am jummy olabanji. >> we have some school delays this morning. some west virginia schools are on a two-hour delay. you could hit the snooze button for a little while longer. be prepared, so more weather is coming. morning, the list will be a lot longer. we will have freezing rain headed our way this time around. we have a calm start this morning, but our temperatures are at or below freezing for the most part. we had record rainfall yesterday , almost an inch and a half. any standing water out there is going to be i see. it is 21 in d c 24 in gaithersburg. our winds are relatively calm and the windchill factor is not too shabby.
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warnings have been posted in advance. the winter storm warning is to the north and west. reach amulation could quarter of an inch. that is where we start to see tree damage and power outages. expecting icq meet tomorrow morning, especially in the early half of the commute. our forecast for today is a calm one. we will see fair skies and 31 degrees at 9:00. it would mostly caught a by 4:00 with a high of 36 to greece. cooler be just a little than average. amanda meadows is here with traffic. >> even coming in from frederick where we got more snow than other areas, things are looking absolutely beautiful this morning. .hese are some live shots this is the key bridge coming in toward georgetown. nudity very light traffic there.
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we also have some constructn in the wheaton for genia area. crews are on scene blocking that right lane. they'll affect the westbound lanes at university. stay to the left as there is no intersection. smooth goingsome on route 50. are onlook good if you 295 into the 11th street bridge. it is completely normal for this time of the morning. brandywine looks good. we will send it back over to you. >> here is some breaking news coming from montgomery county. >> another business has been hit in a string of smash and grab robberies. john gonzalez is at the scene. he is live from burtonsville. >> this morning, police are
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investigating the latest in a series of smash and grabs. the -- it isop is the second time it has been hit. the owner to call around 2:30 a.m. that some he broke in. they came into the front door and there is fingerprint dusting everywhere as police investigated this. they came to the back and took the entire safe. the owner says there was no money in the safe, they also took the cash register that had about $150. they do with they were doing, they took the entire surveillance camera system. all the footage was stolen. the cash register has been cleaned out. it they even less some change on the store -- floor.
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there but at least three prior to this one, the last one was at -- shaq justck nearby. police have not been able to make any arrests. they don't even have cameras to look at. the entire surveillance system was taken. the suspect got away. about $150.t with earlier greatly from the owner coming up. reporting live, john gonzales, abc 7 news. >> excellent reporting. landmark case is picking up steam yet again in the commonwealth. >> it is the first. in a marriage equality case it is getting underway. is a big day in the commonwealth as the first lawsuit challenging the ban on same-sex marriage has to court
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this morning. in 2006, virginia voters amendment that defines marriage as between one man and one woman. a judge will hear arguments as to whether or not that is constitutional. in julyt was filed back after they say they were denied a marriage license. they're not looking for anything special. they just want to be recognized like any other couple in virginia. ago, mark herring said the state's ban is unconstitutional and cannot be defended. reporting live, brianne carter, abc 7 news. the county supervisor is heading to court to fight the. politicalg accused of corruption. in the past he did not respond
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to our reports -- requests for his side of the story. >> later today, parts of the region will be under another winter storm warning. we were finished with the snow. think again. we will tell you what to >> welcome back.
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it is tuesday morning. .> today is not so bad here we go again. even this afternoon it could get ugly. precipitation is moving into the area and it could be freezing on contact. we have no one or storm warning and advisory in effect through most of the area. this morning, we have some calmer conditions. eileen is in potomac this morning. we have a lot of rain, did you encounter any slick spots this morning? >> i did. not on the main roads, but more on the parking lots. i will show that. look at this ice that you can see. this is what you are going to
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want to watch out for, especially in parking lots. we had over an inch of rain yesterday. that of that all of -- all of that moisture is still there. with temperatures below freezing, ice will be a concern. there are some cars just behind me. it into the frost and the ice on the cars. you can see some of the snow banks from previous knows. you'll want to watch out for ice and allow for extra time to get your car seat to defrost it and get out the scraper. overall, a quiet morning before mentoring -- wintry weather moves in. now, we will send it over to amanda meadows. so far, so good on the major roadways. i had frost on my windshield this morning. we are going to start with construction on university.
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that right lane is still closed in wheaton, maryland. thank you for our traffic tracker for the shot. is affecting the westbound lanes of university boulevard. things movingot along quite smoothly on major interstates. he to be careful on bridges and off ramps. it is looking good along 270 coming then -- down from frederick. 66 from manassas is moved without delay. 395 is looking good as well. back.w, i will send it >> there is a major mix of the tell you about with an area school. personala student's information at risk. >> >> this is "good morning
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washington." on your side. investe are investing -- -- police are investigating a smash and grab robbery. 30 unsolvedre than
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a smash and grab robberies from annapolis to gaithersburg. >> the first hearing in a marriage equality case gets underway today. a federal lawsuit was filed. they say they were denied equal protection under the constitution. the d.c. council will vote on less income of -- criminal -- punishmentsiminal for minor amounts of marijuana. we have a heads-up for parents and students in fairfax county. personal information about 700 students was accidentally posted online. we are at the live desk with all of the information you need. seven hundred fairfax students had personal information posted online. parents are angry, calling it a breach of privacy. students were5
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participants in an arts enrichment program. it was that website to post to ids and telephone numbers. parents are saying this makes possibly susceptible to online predators. the school district apologized in the washington post. they called it a mistake. they go on to say that technically the information was the same you would find in a directory. they still are dollars that it should not have happened. back to you. an airg discovery at facility in kentucky. one point $5 million in counterfeit nfl merchandise. at began instaying
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june in targeted shipments coming into the u.s. from other countries. this included phony jerseys, hats, and t-shirts. >> if you are around our area today, you will have some jackets. fore are all wearing cancer world cancer day -- purple for world cancer day. the advisories and warnings are out there as well. this is important information that you need to know. i this time tomorrow the roadways will be i see, especially north and west of d.c. that means rough roads and we will have some power outages. areas,lly in the warning that is where i am most concerned. this'll be around 7:00 or so
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this evening. overpasses will be slick. the advisory in the purple area is until 6:00 a.m. it is almost everybody. they think the temperatures are going to be too warm and we are not too concerned. 31 228 be more like degrees. can really accumulate. 31 degrees as our temperature right now. the wind chill is 24 degrees. in gaithersburg and 26 and ellis. twice sevent -- degrees in manassas. this is where our storm system is. -- snowbring storm across the midsection and as it heads to us the warm air will be overwriting it.
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that is why it comes down as liquid and phrases on contact. look at all the states impacted by the storm. is that pink and blue, that warnings. today is the calm for us. do what you need to do today. toby a fair amount of cloud cover. by this evening, all that pink is freezing rain. there may be some sleet and snow , especially in northern maryland. this will continue to the north and west. it will linger until 9:00 or 10:00 in the morning. many afternoon, we start to dry things up. this'll be an impactful morning event for tomorrow. breathe easier for this morning's commute. far, so good.
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we do have some minor problems. we do have some standing water that might be the result of the storms yesterday. we will start with construction on university boulevard. the crews are on scene and the right lane westbound is closed. you are going to run into those delays. stay to the left. shot of new this york avenue. the inbound lanes are starting to grow. exit looking pretty good along the roadways. as i said, we have standing water reported. this is on the roosevelt bridge and that is inbound test before the ee street expressway. interstates look beautiful. from maryland has no problems or delays. annapolis is moved without delay.
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things are looking good if you y.e the beltway on th >> it started in a harvard dorm room and then became a global sensation. >> facebook turns 10 years old today. i have been facebook in for a decade now. zuckerberg's dorm room project turns 10 today. a decade ago it was called the facebook and it looked like this. users,has 1.2 billion used by 57% of adults. angry birds of taken the world by storm. top on android devices. way wes looking for the
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charge devices. the company is looking to shoulder and wireless charging options for its upcomingi watch. this was shot entirely using the iphone. those are your tech bytes. i am martha gonzalez.
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>> here is news around the nation. a convicted killer that escape from a prison has been captured in indiana. he was arrested monday evening. a deputy investigating a vehicle theft recognized the car. a woman who abducted a safe. >> a lunch lady is asked -- facing criminal charges for saying she was going to shoot up her school. she made more than one threat.
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she threatened to get an ak-47 ship the school. she started a hit list. she has a gun permit and owns a nine millimeter. 16-year-old involved in a skydiving accident is better. she is expected to fully recover. look at these pictures. she can walk with assistance. her parachute did not the point correctly and she spiral to the ground. she broke several bones. her father says she was to go skydiving again. >> i think one and done on that one for me. we have developing news in montgomery county. >> wordless smash out a window in a local restaurant. hear from the man who
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to help future athletes every step of the way.
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center, this is "good morning washington." on your side. >> you could call this the calm before the storm. parts of the area will be under a winter storm warning. you can expect school delays and power outages. good morning, i am jummy olabanji. warning comes as we have school delays from yesterday. for ad the snooze button couple of more hours. you don't have to be in until two hours later today. >> we are getting ready for round two. >> jacqui jeras tells us what is going on. have advisories for
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tonight and early tomorrow morning. issue.not be a huge bridges and overpasses in particular could be very dicey by this time tomorrow morning. his 27 degrees in gaithersburg. it is 31 degrees in d.c.. is the calm. there is further clouded us. temperature will be in the mid 30's. there is added to worry about until this evening. around 7:00, we will see some icing into tomorrow morning. youfurther north and west are, the greater the accumulation of ice will be. there may be potential power outages. we will have another round of winter weather coming later in the week. we'll have more on that in just another few minutes. what is get the latest on the roads this morning. do need to use caution on
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the bridges and off ramps. we are starting to pick up in the commute. onwill look at construction the shot. this is university boulevard. those crews have cleaned up and gotten out of there. you still have some of those barrels on scene. all lanes are open on university boulevard. if you commute to the northeast section of the city, there are a lot of barrels on 8th street. shifts and for those traffic patterns. crews will be on scene throughout the day. standing water has been reported on the roosevelt bridge. that will affect the inbound bridge before the ramps for the eastern expressway. -- e street expressway. we will get back to you on that. stay to the right in be prepared. -- fromve come in for virginia looks nice. go northbound.
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things are looking good otherwise using the virginia or maryland side of the beltway. is 5:33 a.m. burglaries, police are looking at another smash and grab. >> now we are hearing the man who owns the store. john gonzalez is live. >> we talked earlier in the newscast about a string of smash and grabs, knowing here in montgomery county but also throughout the area. a couple of subway shops and radioshack, here's where started. they broke in, you can see that there is fingerprint dusting all over the place. please are trying to figure another is behind these attacks. there has been surveillance video in the past. there aren't any because they
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took the entire dvr system. this is the owner who is been hit twice in the last two months. you into this a couple of months ago and now again. >> this happened last november. they broke the door and came inside and took $450. this time they came in the same way. $150 and the whole theft system. dvr.took the dvd-r -- they tried to find money in other places. this is two times this is happened here. another subway and radioshack have been hit. i am very, very upset.
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thank you very much. they took the safe and about $150. this is the second time the shop has been it in the past several months. this is john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> a landmark case is picking up steam again in virginia. >> the first hearing for marriage equality, let's get to brianne carter in the satellite center. >> it is the few hours, a judge will hear arguments over the ban on same-sex marriage is constitutional. a couple filed a lawsuit last july after they said a were denied a marriage license at the norfolk circuit court. they said it with the same protections marriage people have on the law. voters banned same-sex marriage. they say the ban denies them liberties guaranteed by the 14th
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amendment. markarian has said the state ban is unconstitutional and cannot -- markarian has said the state ban is an condu unconstitutional and cannot be defended. there is a lot to watch in virginia in the day ahead. this is brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> we will be back under a winter storm warning. >> wiki. this every day. >> a sound like a broken record. -- toe is what the risk >> this is justin.
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-- this just in. we have some icy spots. reilly weyland is out in storm chaser seven this morning. how are things out there? >> it is cold. it is 28 degrees in potomac. the ice is a big concern. i want to show you the parking lot here. look the ice. i had to be extra careful just because of walking back from outside of the track and walking around is easy to slip and fall. fortunately, i have not tumbled it.
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i take it slow. to show what some of the cars look like this morning. if you're still getting yourself ready, maybe you can get out the door a few minutes early. you may need to scrape or warm up the car because there is some frost on your vehicle is morning. other than that, it is very calm and quiet. i want to show you my laser thermometer. temperatures on the ground are cold because of the ice. service temperatures are right around 26 degrees. we will continue to monitor these conditions. the persimmon tatian tonight --l freeze on contract contact. -- the freezing rain tonight will freeze on contact. thank you, eileen.
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we are experiencing delay free conditions across the board. same started to get the traffic we usually get onto 70 south. -- onto 70 south. we are started to shift in the traffic pattern in the northeast section of d.c. on theseeing activity roosevelt bridge. there is standing water, that may be left over from yesterday's storm. be prepared. stay to the left. he also have a new crash report along hamilton road. that is in waldorf, maryland. there are wires down due to a crash. not bad if you are using 95. nicely northbound.
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i will send it back over to you. smokingda launches 18 campaign today. >> they are using powerful images. is ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ told ya you could do it. (dad vo) i want her to be safe. so, i taught her what i could and got her a subaru. (girl) piece of cake. ♪ (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. four hours on the slopes.hours on weights.
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and two hours doing this stuff. which leaves me approximately two minutes to get my banking done. so i use the citi mobile app to quickly check my accounts and pay my bills. which leaves me about five seconds to kick back. that was nice. bank from almost anywhere with the citi mobile app.. citi, with you every step of the way. >> the loudoun county supervisor
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is in court, fighting for his job. removed and accused of political corruption. .e is also accused of bullying in the past, he did not respond to requests to tell his side of the story. target is going before the senate judiciary to many. he is expected to defend the company's response to the data breach. hearings begin monday.
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they say criminals have adapted the methods of cyberspace to exploit our financial payment system. a senate committee will hear about the west virginia chemical spill. that left people without water for several days. about 10,000 gallons of chemicals were spilled into the elk river. that company has now declared bankruptcy. west virginia's secretary of state and environmental protection agency secretary will testify. visit at obama will school in maryland to talk about his connected initiative. it involves getting more schools connected to high-speed internet. most schools are too slow. seven is on your side this morning. is targeting teenage
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smokers. the agency is lost in a $115 million ad campaign today designed to keep teens from lighting up. the campaign reduces the number of smokers by 300,000 in the next three years. the ads use scare tactics targeting what teens care about. theirsages about appearance or losing control actually resonated the most with kids. teens tryan 3200 their first cigarette each day. >> under reason to put that candy bar down. eating too much sugar increases the risk of fatal heart problems. the risk is from sugar from processed foods. getting 25% of added sugars from could triple your chances of
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heart disease. >> a man convicted of killing two young girls faces deportation. she ran over a pile of leaves but did not know a six-year-old and 11-year-old were inside. centerin a detention while she waits for a bond hearing with an immigration judge. >> autopsy results are expected in the death of actor philip seymour hoffman. one --onfirm that harrah heroin was in some of the plastic bags founded his own. he was found in his new york city apartment with a syringe in his arm. under arrest for allegedly pointing a gun at a girl scout. she was going door-to-door to door to sell cookies when she knocked on a man's door. came out with a the good thing was that her father was nearby and was able to observe the incident. he called police.
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>> 59-year-old john michael dodger was arrested. there's no record of anything else like this ever happening in the past 90 years. up, how wall street's activity affects markets overseas. future will include more than just your music. isa school closing that music to a students in years. principles message strikes all the right chords. >> the super bowl champions made their way back home. a small crowd turned out.
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where is russell wilson, oh he is just hanging out with russell wilson -- jay-z. he checked out the new jersey nets game. >> it is good to be the king, isn't it. >> life is pretty good for mr. wilson. >> things looking up for the whiz kids. the wizards finally get the job done and they did so against a quality opponent. the borland trail blazers were the second best record in the west. played another well-balanced game. in a 22 points and five assists and three steals. they played solid defense all night. they beat portland 100-90. this is the first time since .500.that they are over
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maryland is riding a two-game winning streak and growing up a little bit. >> it is about keeping focused. we made numerous mistakes in practice today. confident ande the guys are excited. >> georgetown one last night. i will talk to tonight from chapel hill, north carolina. >> thank you for that, tim. >> it is time to check on the forecast. >> frederick county schools in virginia will be opening one hour late this morning. , just one. >> one cap on the snooze button. >> tomorrow morning you might want to get up early and get the
5:52 am
latest on what is happening with the weather. that is the information you need to know this morning. freezing rain is going to be a factor. we have a winter storm warning and a freezing rain advisory. that is posted in advance of the storm. this will start later this evening. the dark purple area you see is the advisory. this means it will come down as liquid and freeze in contact. is forter storm warning sleet and snow first and then change over to freezing rain. we are highly concerned in the pink area because you could see as much as a quarter of an inch of ice developing. that collects and tree branches and power lines. that is the threshold for when we start to see significant widespread problems. use caution.
5:53 am
advisory through 10:00 this morning. we are taking you into the future. today is going to be the calm day. head into the evening hours, you'll notice the cloud cover thickening up. between seven :00 and 9:00, we will get the onset of this precipitation. it will come that as liquid and freeze on contact. that will accumulate very quickly. bridges and overpasses will start to get icy. this will continue into the early morning hours. it will progressively through the morning move northward and dry out in the afternoon. temperatures will also be warming up. the freezing will no longer be concerned in the metro area. right now it is 31 degrees with the windchill factor of 24.
5:54 am
any slick spots are possible. moisture will be headed our way by this evening. we will have the forecast coming up in the next hour. now it is time for traffic with amanda. brake lights are starting to pick up. we will start from news chopper 7. -- go comingow but from manassas. us as long to 70. it can see traffic started to build their. now we will move over to the douglas into d.c.. on the douglas bridge, there are starting to be some thick traffic. they stack up on that ramp to exit onto stuff capital. that is a lehner hamilton road. there are two crashes working.
5:55 am
this is in the same area and maryland. have wires down along live intends -- livingston road in charlestown county. 295 is moving nicely, no delays. there is a crash on central avenue near richie road. there is heavy traffic inside the beltway. choose another route instead. is on your side. that is from the live desk this morning. >> coming up tonight, we have been experiencing a -- an extreme winter. what is to blame? why is it so cold? i get to
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> warning about some area codes. what is the information you mean -- you need to know? >> you need to take close attention to these details. calling these area codes back could cost you serious cash. 284, 649, 876 --
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don't call them area they are all scams. their international calling area codes and they could cost you as much as $20 for the first minute. dialer ringsa robo- you and hangs up. you think it is a missed call. they now have your phone number locked in the system when you call back. the bill you for the call. en to listnot have a p the area codes, we will list them on our website, >> if it is important, they will leave a voicemail. we have another hour of news that starts right now. broadcastom the abc 7 center, this is good morning washington on your side. >> montgomery county police are
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looking for suspects after the latest smash and grab burglary. another punch of winter weather. what to expect from round two. good morning to you, washington. yesterday's winter weather, we do still have some delays this morning. be starting one hour late today in frederick county. a two-hour delay in hampshire, jefferson, morgan county. everyone can take a little extra time getting in today. ui let's go right to jacq forecheck -- for a check on whether. >> rain will be moving into the area tonight. this morning is the calm. 25 in gaithersburg. 37 in frederick. 23 in hagerstown. 26 in morningside.


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